Monday, June 18, 2012

Blast from the Past!

So things have been pretty uneventful lately: sitting around, doing some but not enough work on my book manuscript revisions, doing absolutely no exercise and eating too much random crap that is around the house. Things are ok, but could be better.

And then! Wham! Out of the blue! I get a phone call from Dissertation Buddy! Who has bought some crazy book called "How to Revise Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks" and wondered if I would be interested in being her writing partner again. Would I??? Of course! We are going to actually call each other and talk through the various exercises in the book and work through them together. So, more formal and official --- and hopefully more productive --- than when I went through this book on my own. I'm quite glad. Plus, I want to also have a nice phone chat with her and catch up on things and life.

Even cooler? She left me a message because I couldn't get to the phone ... because I was in the middle of doing a yoga session after I don't know how many weeks of not dealing with any exercise. So, things are looking up!

I am excited and jazzed and full of energy --- I don't know if it's the yoga endorphins talking or the Make a Writing Plan! that has me pumped, but I'm feeling good!

The one small bit of bad news is that some of my scholarly books I'm still working my way through didn't get renewed when I just tried to renew them ... I guess I have been holding on to these ILLs too long ... so I need to get down to it and plow through these puppies as soon as possible. I may even hunt up my hat and my sunscreen and go read them out by the pool! Aww yeah.


Dr. Koshary said...

Enthusiasm for work! This is good! I fain would see more exclamation points here on this topic!

Psycgirl said...

Oooooooooo 12 Weeks is soooooo good

Anonymous said...

That book is great! I went through it with a reading group about 2 years ago. It goes a long way in demystifying the process.