Sunday, September 16, 2012


I wish I could say that I spent today getting all caught up on my grading and am all ready to work on my book manuscript Voltron, Defender of the Universe tomorrow. Alas, grading a whole crapload of essays doesn't seem to put much of a dent in the pile.

Plus, I was very tired and bleah when I got up this morning, so I putzed around on the internet and just sat there for a long time too. I basically only did grading this afternoon. But, I was thinking about the fact that I have been feeling exhausted upon getting up for several days now, and I rather randomly googled that phrase. Huh. I found a news article (CNN? Don't remember, too tired to get a link) listing all sorts of common sleep problems, and it mentioned acid reflux, which I have had in the past. The article said it usually manifested as nonrestful sleep rather than insomnia or waking up a lot. Grumble grumble. Yeah, I could be feeling symptoms of that right now. So I got me some prilosec and will run through another course of it, despite my usual resistance to taking any medicines on an on-going basis if I can help it.

This is annoying though because usually it is a sign that I a) am having panic attacks over food allergies (someone tells my the food they just made me might have come into contact with the stuff I am allergic to and then I often get this, blormp, wash of acid up into my throat) or more rarely b) when I am way high at the top point of my weight range. And right now I am very near the low point of my weight fluctuations and I was hoping to actually lose weight down to new and exciting plateaus this semester. I haven't been having panic attacks or out in any situations where I might freak out about food lately, so the thought that I might be dealing with this more frequently is frustrating.

But I spent my "tired and brain dead time" this evening actually cleaning up the kitchen and packing up for school instead of clicking on things on the internet, so I have less to do tomorrow morning, and I will take a prilosec with breakfast and start attempting to fix my sleep problem, and so I am working to fix things in whatever small ways I can. I am pretty pooped already right now though. Oh, and I found a plagiarizer so that's one more thing I get to deal with tomorrow. I didn't even catch it myself; I happened to click and check every single t.u.rn.i.t.i.n  report and one of the essays I had graded had a couple sentences directly cut and pasted from schmoop. It's only a two page close reading, so in a paper that is thin on the analysis side, two sentences can be the majority of the actual thought being expressed. Not sure if the chair or the dishonesty board will back me up on it, though. We'll see.

And I will go to bed! Bleah.

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