Friday, October 5, 2012

New Music Fix --- Blasted Canyons

Ok, I don't remember where or how I heard this group, but I remember liking it and going home and leaving a note to myself on the laptop. Fast forward way into the future (does this mean I heard them on the radio or something this summer???) and I finally tracked them down based on my note.

Mmm, I like it ---- very experimental and lo-fi at the same time, kinda sounds like the guitarist from Joy Division got together with some of the British invasion bands ... and then the space creatures from Godzilla or some other wonderfully bad 60s horror flick popped up and shot everyone with their laser eyes! Come on, you know you love laser eyes. And super sweaty low-fi dissonance.

And while I was looking around for more of the songs, to see if I actually want to buy one of their EPs, I found this live version and discovered that one of the musicians is a girl! If you have any interest in watching a girl absolutely shred a guitar, click here:

This weekend I get to grade grade grade, as always. But for tonight I'm going to pretend I have at least one toe in the contemporary music scene, even if my idea of interesting "current" new finds are a couple of years old.

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