Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inflationary Pop Culture

I have half an ear on all that Oscar/GoldenGlobes/fancy movie buzz, but I'm not really paying too much attention (shout at me in the comments if you think there's anything I should really scrape together the dough to go see), but something made me think of Kevin Bacon.

Huh, I thought. Has Kevin Bacon even done any movies lately? Would my students still know how to play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, or will this little game be lost to the sands of time? If he stops making films, will we eventually have to start playing 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon???

And then I started thinking, gosh, why hasn't inflation affected other aspects of pop culture? I mean, I know the Fed is holding inflation to sharp lows, but surely, if movie tickets are running 9.50, then surely inflation has bumped us up to Snow White and the 12 and a Half Dwarves, Goldilocks and the 5 Bears, and 42.6 Brides for 50.7 Brothers? No?

I mean, if they're making The Hobbit into three movies and all ...

Any interesting shows/films/exciting websites you want to recommend? I'm finally getting culturally up to date to 2009, so if you suggest contemporary stuff now I might get to it in just a few more years.


Sapience said...

This is a dangerous request. I don't know your tastes in pop-culture, but for shows that I feel comfortable recommending to just about everyone:

Doctor Who
Downton Abbey
White Collar
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (this is a you tube adaptation/modernization of Pride and Prejudice that is fantastic; you can find it at lizziebennet.com)

Maude said...

Kevin Bacon has a new television series coming out on Fox starting this coming Monday called "The Following."

He was also in X-Men: First Class (2011), so he's still alive and working. :)