Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break Extravablah

I don't know about you, but when I think spring break, I think, yeaaaaaaah let's do a bunch of job applications!!!!!*  I've already done one and have two more that are due today, then a bunch of the community college jobs which aren't due this week, but I might as well use this free time to get them off the plate before classes and assignments to grade come in.

Luckily CCs in the West seem much more robust than they have since I first tried to break in to the field and the stock market tanked. I have already applied to way more jobs post-MLA (so non-tt and community college jobs, with a smattering of admin type things) than I could reasonably have applied for pre-MLA (tt in my field).

Of course, that sequester thing is now going to kibosh all those positions, isn't it? Right after I apply and before I can actually get hired anywhere. Fucking sequester.

*For those of you who think this might be a euphemism, "doing a job application" looks like this,

Not like this:

Le sigh.


Dr. Koshary said...

Those two activities go together better than you might imagine. Especially when you need to power through the apps and not think about sequester scariness.

Susan said...

Actually, I don't think the sequester will hit the CC jobs, or the admin ones. Unless they are on VERY soft money.

Gregory Richard said...

Looks like you need some Interfolio action! It's been a lifesaver for me, this being my first year of applying.