Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fork in the road

Ok, ok, maybe not a road; it's a table.

I finally got up the urge to download and read my rental extension agreement and learned that, if I plan to move, I need to give my notice very soon. Almost now.

But when I most recently talked with my family, surprisingly, they were very unsympathetic with my idea that I move back and try for some "random" sort of nonacademic job and were very very worried about me trying to apply for jobs unemployed. They must believe the "it's easier to get a job when you have a job" mantra. Also, they are very unsympathetic to the cats. As people with severe allergies who have never had pets, they just don't get why I refuse to surrender my cats to a friend or a shelter, or just dump them on the side of the road and leave them (thanks dad!). I hasten to add that this is a completely unacceptable option for me and it is only at 3 am when the cats start wrestling each other on top of my slumbering head that I fantasize about leaving them on the side of the road somewhere. Taxidermy, I will also point out, is not an option. (dad again.)

Now, if I actually land this permanent job I interviewed for (and I think I did well, but who knows how one actually did?), everything would work out very simply --- as simply as moving cats and all my stuff across the country can be --- I give notice, pack everything up, move to a new apartment in a new town somewhere way over that way.   

But if I stick around here, (the other fork in the road?) I would like to move anyway. Here's where everything gets confused.

Local Kid Makes Good, one of the postdocs who I really like and who is a wonderful person, found a very nice apartment after she moved out of the slumlord place that refused to pay when she had the pipes break and back up raw sewage into her kitchen. Anyway, that's another story. Point is, her place is just as nice as mine, has slightly more square footage, and is about 50 bucks cheaper, and has an opening right now. Actually, they are raising my rent when I re-sign and demanding that I provide proof of renter's insurance, so it is 75 bucks cheaper plus the renter's ins.

Our evil plan was to get all of the postdocs who still hang out together into the same apartment complex and be able to just walk over and socialize. So I emailed the apt. ad to the Kickass Sparkly Postdoc and told hir to jump on it. Maybe I would get this job back home, maybe another apt. would open up in this place and I would join them later. Except.

Argh! Kickass Sparkly Postdoc is already renting from the same rental company, and they won't allow the move! Actually, they will, but they will keep all the rental deposit, consider it breaking the lease, charge a lease-breaking fee, and demand a new deposit for the new place. Fuck 'em. That means K.S.P. can't move until the end of August, I think. But I could move soon, except I might get a job offer, and what about the knife? I know it's not part of the fork, but there are all those other job apps I sent out that haven't contacted me yet, but could, right?

This is why I am shitty at planning stuff. Ooh, squirrel!

We haven't even talked about the original plan, which was to move back home and look for some sort of office job --- we drove by Evernote on the way to my sister's work! How cool would it be to work there? --- except if family isn't providing me with a cheap or free place to stay, this plan is not financially doable. And I don't think I could conduct a long-distance foot-in-the-door type job search; it takes a full day to fly cross country from here to there, so doing lots of informal informational interviews and the faster pace of nonacademic job searching means that I think I need to be right there and able to walk in and chat at a moment's notice.

I am so confused. Moving is definitely in the cards, but moving to exactly where I want to be is going to take considerable finagling.

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