Monday, July 8, 2013

Completely inappropriate indulgences

Ok, ok, I know that I should not be spending any extra money and that I should not be adding to my packing piles in any way. But the downside of being trapped inside with not a lot to do and no one around to do anything with (to say nothing of choosing to stay here while they re-sealed the complex's pavement, which effectively trapped me here for about 48 hours), is that I end up looking around on various online shopping sites. And sometimes you find something on the sale page that is just too amazingly cute to pass up:

Please ignore all the various mosquito bites and weird peeling patches; my skin gets all nasty with the summer weather and/or summer AC and I hadn't really planned on getting a package and having a photo shoot today.

They are so cute! And they were called "papaya"; you can see it is a bright beachy shiny color. It looks more orange in these pictures and more pinky coral in person.

You can see that they actually coordinate with the bag I bought a month or so back! Which is cute, but doesn't actually go with any of the colors in my current wardrobe really. I have just been saying to hell with it and wearing it with my primary-colored shirts and even with my striped stuff, although it probably clashes horribly.

In sad related shoe news, I tossed about five pairs of flats when I bagged up my clothes. So sad. They were all from about 2010 when all the flats were really popular and had cute funky patterns on them, and I haven't been able to find any stuff as cute since. This means that they were incredibly beat up and coming apart when I tossed them ---- I have never thrown out that many shoes at once before ---- but I hadn't wanted to toss without replacing. I'm sure they looked so shredded and crappy by the end I shouldn't have been going out in them at all, but it is tough for me to throw away the beloved clothing that makes me happy and then I wear it literally to pieces. And then the stuff I don't like gets no wear and tear so it always looks too nice to get rid of. Never say I am not a weird person.

I think I have three or four more pairs to chuck still; I have been wearing the broken flip flops everywhere around the apartment complex (and really, what else should you use when they have re-tarred the whole complex?) and one last crap slip-on pair because I refuse to wear anything with straps or laces through airport security, and my tennis shoes are looking very bad too but they are still holding together well enough for summer moving purposes, I say. It would be more logical to hold off on any replacements after I have moved and replenished my shoe funds, you might say, but I say, oooh, look at this shiny mango-papaya!


JaneB said...

I'm sorry, is that wearing things to death/not throwing out stuff that still has wear in it even though you don't like it thing wierd? Cos it's the norm for most of my family...

LOVE the colour of those shoes! Couldn't wear them, but they are really cute!

Sisyphus said...

Do you-all refuse to wear the stuff you don't like and just leave it in your closet, even though the beloved old thing you are wearing is full of holes and rips? I admit, it is kinda weird.

JaneB said...

We do indeed. And our main complaint about the whole clothing industry is usually "I want one just like this one I got 20 years ago, dammit, why do they keep CHANGING THINGS?"