Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today I went to a Local Historical Site instead of planning anything further about my trip. It was pretty fun. It was also hot! Whiiiiiiine! Why does it have to be so hot and sweaty?!?

Ok, done with that.

Right now I am procrastinating working on Things by thinking about Other Things (no connection to the Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things). Specifically, I am contemplating lamps. I'm just thinking out loud here, so you might want to ignore this post.

Currently in my living room I have a couple of cheap Target lamps, bought to replace the cheap Target lamps that were destroyed in my move out here. I'm figuring, given that track record, that I might as well just pass these along to the other postdoc --- who doesn't need a couple free lamps? --- and replace them once I get to The Hot Place rather that trying to move them.

However, after that point I get thrown into a tizzy of indecision, because styles and colors go through these waves and everything I absolutely love was from about two years ago and is no longer being sold. Le sigh. 

For Christmas my sister bought me this very nice wiggly lamp I had mentioned I liked. And I do like it, although I was sorta mean and complained that she shouldn't have gotten me a lamp with a glass lampshade that I would then have to lug across the country. (I should apologize to her for that.) Anyway, she fished out all the packaging and we mailed it to Postdoc City and it actually made it here just fine! That means it should make it through the move ok. Here it is, being wiggly:

The nice thing about that lamp is that the glass shade makes the room really bright, but diffuses the light in a non-harsh way. The stupid crappy Target lamp I moved downstairs gives off hardly any light in comparison, because it has this dark fabric shade.

Notice the end table. That set of tv tables I bought my junior year of undergrad have been decorating staples for most of my adult life. Heh. They are also my sofa side tables. You can also see the Mossimo for Target bedspread I love. Do the chevrons and the wigglies go together or clash? I am unsure.

I am also unsure about whether it should be my bedside lamp, because, hey, silvery wiggly lamps probably go great with red couches. So do I move it to the living room and get a matching lamp to wiggle on the other side? Do I get a similar-but-not-exact lamp for the other side to do the non-matching eclectic thing? Or do I get two new completely different lamps and leave the wiggly lamp in the bedroom? And if I do that, what style or color or finish would they be? Aiiiiiigh! Too many options!

I am totally overthinking this. But what else do I have to do?

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