Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Where do you allocate your writing time?

Oof. It has hit the nasty, crazy crunch time of the semester. Just nasty. Why did I stay up super late, get up super early, and grade like a madwoman between classes and finish off this pile of essays if only 10 students showed up for that class today? Argh. Part of it is because I wanted to clear the decks of at least the major assignments before getting another big stack of essays tomorrow morning, and again on Tuesday. This is the stage where I can't fall behind because I'll be trampled by the mob and totally done for.

On Tuesday my students will do Peer Review, but before that I will ask them to do a little reflection writing on how they approached the essay and how much time, if you were to make a pie chart, did they spend on each of the writing steps? Then we will discuss.

As long as I'm thinking about this, though, I thought I'd ask you, two questions: how does your approach to the writing process break down in terms of time/slices of the pie? And how much time and emphasis do you teach/model/discuss/have students do in your classrooms? I think I have mentioned before how I liked teaching freshman comp on a three times a week 1 hour schedule, because I could have them do a thesis workshop and we talk a lot about brainstorming and organizing, and then they can go home and bring back a draft on Wednesday for peer review, and Friday turn in the final, polished draft. Now, with twice a week classes, I have basically jettisoned my thesis workshop activities and, I fear, given short shrift to the brainstorming and organizing part of the process.

But what about you? How do you allocate time to your writing process? And how do you break it down in the classroom for students?

Bonus: Here's a totally appropriate pie chart pic stolen from here:

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