Saturday, April 5, 2014

What IS this ridiculousness?

I have spent far too long looking at shower curtains online. And any amount of time looking that does not result in a purchase and getting the damn business over with is too much.

Now I remember why I have had my shower curtain for about 10 years: every time I clean the bathroom and I think to myself, "Self, that shower curtain is on its last legs, what with the hem fraying and the pulling away from the grommets and the bits in the middle that are wearing away." And then I go look around and discover that my motherfucking options are nasty offgassing vinyl curtains or fabric curtains* with a stupid fiddly liner and you end up getting water all around anyway and having to hand bleach the fucking liner out in the yard. Seriously? Argh! Then I stop thinking about it until another grommet has started to pull free from my curtain.

See, my current shower curtain is ripstop nylon sailcloth, bought at Macy's or somewhere when nautical themes were in, and it is fabric but still completely waterproof. And machine washable, so I can just toss it in the wash regularly. I thought about trying to reproduce it on my own last time and even looked up the fabric to see if it would be at the fabric store, but between having to learn to grommet things and the colors only coming in hunter green and black, I gave up and didn't think about it any more.

Maybe I should just give it up and buy a stupid liner. Argh. Hotels have shower curtains without liners these days; why aren't there any of these for sale in nice colors and patterns?

I was mildly interested in this and in this; these are roughly my style. Of course, I have snazzy black-and-white chevron towels from Target that I don't need to replace yet, but I could just clash.

I also offer you this and you should go look at it.




Did you go look at it? OMFG there is an entire set! You could cover your entire damn bathroom in it and if people asked me if you were crazy, I could say, "does a bear shit in the woods?"

*Don't get me started on the damn RUFFLE shower curtains! Who needs a shower curtain that looks like the little girl underwear you put on the kids in tap class?


Sisyphus said...

This post brought to you by grading crankiness.

Susan said...

Well, that blue tile one is fun. As for your other surprise, that's one way to bring the outdoors in....

Contingent Cassandra said...

Here's a source of canvas duck shower curtains, but the colors aren't all that interesting: . I suppose you could always stencil or otherwise decorate a plain one.

Or how about Marimekko and/or Crate and Barrel? Pricey, but probably in the right general style range.

Anonymous said...

How about IKEA: