Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Preparing for another incoming round

(If only I looked this debonair...)

Soon, soon I must finish juggling around readings and assignments and finalize my syllabi. I'm doing some last replenishment shopping before I get swamped with work (at least I hope; how does shampoo manage to magically empty a day after I shook all the bottles and made a list?) and I still need to get my office all organized and prepared.

I just realized that we switched one of my classes and the new one starts at 7 am. Shit. I hadn't recognized the implications of that. I probably, most likely, in all likelihood, will not be able to wake up at 7 for my 7 o'clock class. Well this causes many kinks in my plans, and the necessity of having to change my alarm clock setting may actually be the worst. It only leads "wake up" and "go to bed unnaturally early" by a hair, though. Gak.

I also think I need to clean out my freezer and force myself to consume this stuff. There is a frozen sandwich bun and several soups that are almost exactly a year old, and are probably not any good any more. There are also popsicles and frozen yogurt and frozen mixed berries that are much more recent, but I had better eat all of them just to ensure quality. :)

Also I have no clue whether I am supposed to change the water filter and other fridge-related stuff, but the ice cubes smell and taste a bit ... stale? I have never had this problem before. My first impulse is to ignore it. I should get on that though before back to school craziness. And they were supposed to shampoo my carpets (or whatever the deep cleaning thing is) because I signed another year lease with them ... they are going to wait until I have my first batch of essays and am cranky and trying to concentrate before they come in and make a mess of everything, right? I just know it.

In other news, it is not as hot and dry as it should be, though we did kick off fire season. Other places have hunting season, we have fire season. We celebrated it with rain and mud, though, because a parade would make too much sense.

You know, I'd better go...

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undine said...

Toss the old food! You will feel better for it. Nothing tastes as lousy as dutifully eaten food.