Saturday, November 8, 2014

Possibly the most boring post update ever

I am so tired. Not in a bad way or with any sort of drama or anything, just tired. people, the other day I stopped off after work and got myself a big Starbucks mocha and a scone to fuel me through my grading, and after eating it and grading maybe one essay and heading home, I promptly went to bed and slept straight through from 4:30 or so til my normal wakeup time of around 5:30 in the morning. Sad.

I was just on the phone for a really long time with my sister, who knows me well and is used to me ignoring most rules of etiquette like not eating or peeing while talking on the phone --- not that I did that this time --- and while she told me all of her anxiety problems (telling me the problem actually got her to find the source of the anxiety and solve it, without me actually saying anything much; and yet she is impressed by my helpfulness!) I went into my pantry and reorganized the whole thing. She was so into her own problems that she did not want to hear about how great my pantry-reorganizing was. But I have to tell someone. Hence: you.

I have now neatened up all of my beans and grains and tidied everything and put in the spinny turntables I bought (ooh, maybe I should go back and wipe everything down? hm.) Everything is in old pasta sauce jars that fit nicely on the turntables and it is easy to find everything. I wasn't sure how many more of the turntables to buy, so now I have three and don't really know what to do with that third one. But I would rather have it there for when I figure it out, so I am pleased. I need to clean out my filthy fridge and restock with some healthier convenience food, because when I am not going out to eat these days, I am making grilled cheese or omelets with whatever leftover bits are around, and I need piles of chopped up fruits and veg ---- there is a slightly higher chance I will eat them if they are all ready and packed. Particularly if I can't even handle being awake until a normal dinner time these days. I should also prep and cook stuff for next week. Though hmm. We do have Veterans Day off. This whole switch around of our school holidays and end of the semester has me discombobulated, people! And it has wreaked havoc on my syllabus schedule. I had to compensate by having all of my classes come in with assignments on the same day, and let me tell you, that is not acceptable. What i really need to do all weekend is to grade grade grade. But I might clean up one tiny part of the kitchen and go to bed now instead. Yawn. Do I want it to be thanksgiving week already or not? I'm not sure I am ready for the end of the semester crunch. Boo.

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Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I'm really wiped out this semester too. The semester seriously needs to end.