Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stir Crazy

Just waiting, waiting, Waiting, WAITING!!!!

I hate waiting.

I'd start turning all this nervous energy into packing, except I don't know if I am getting a job or going back to living under a bridge and adjuncting. (In which case, I should probably sell all this stuff to help pay for the spot under the bridge.)

I'd apply to the last few jobs open, except see above, plus arrrgh I hate applying to things!

I'd prepare for my upcoming interview, except see above, plus every time I start thinking about it I freak out about how I will explain to my family the whole story of losing this job and going to an even smaller more rural place, and then I eat all the food in the house.

I'd do some more preparation for the rest of the semester, except eh who cares? I won't be around to deal with the consequences of my teaching much longer.

I'd slack off on everything and just read, except my brain is busy just waiting, waiting, Waiting, WAITING!!!!


So, have you read anything exciting lately?


Belle said...

I so agree re: waiting. Different circs, but the waiting is just so... tedious! I want to move on NOW.

Contingent Cassandra said...

Ugh. I, too, sympathize with the difficulty of deciding what to do with nervous energy when the future is uncertain, making prioritizing/decision-making hard (but constant running-through of various scenarios in one's head all too easy).

My solution in such situations is usually to head outside (either to walk or, if possible, to garden in my case, but there are of course more adventurous options). Do such strategies work for you? And, if so, how's the weather in your parts at the moment?

Also -- if your family aren't genuinely helpful and supportive in crises, then you don't owe them an explanation. "This is the job I can get in the current market" is more than enough.

Susan said...

Just a quick question, but have you applied with us? Fb message me, and I'll give you some suggestions...