Sunday, June 28, 2015


Ugh, now what?

The easy part's over. Now what do I do with my life?


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

I'm sorry this has happened. It really is a damned shame. But still, here's my advice: Every day, do one thing that makes you happy. It can be a small thing. You have a lot of stress and hard stuff going on, and big changes, and you deserve to be happy, both when you resolve that stuff and make the changes, and now, while you are working through it all. Look at the view. Eat raspberries. Wear your favorite shirt. Someday it will get better; these little things are promises to yourself.

Contingent Cassandra said...

I like DEH's advice. Also -- one step at a time. Figure out something that will (or even might) improve the situation, even in a small way, figure out how to do it, rinse, repeat. This, too, *shall* pass.

Speaking of which, have you check out any relevant alumni organizations, or even more general networks (maybe women's networks?) in the area? Making connections seems like it would be a positive step on a number of levels. I know at least two schools from which I graduated (grad and private high school) host regular networking events, including in my city (which is near the high school, but not the grad school).

I do hope the cats are okay. Seriously, if shipping them to the east coast for a while seemed like a viable solution, I'd take them. I have a full cat-equipment setup, but no cat at present, and I've served as a cat-receiver before (for a grad school friend who was driving across the country). But I realize shipping cats, like boarding them, costs money.

sophylou said...

Adding to DEH's suggestion: at particularly dark times I've also found it helpful to make a list, at the end of the day, of the things that happened that made me happy. (I have a thing about special notebooks, so I usually designate a small, special notebook for this). I usually aim for at least three things, even if it's small things like "the coffee was good this morning." Knowing that I'm closing the day with this list sort of helps me look for things to add to the list.