Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sister update

Still nothing much to report on the job-application-throwing side of things. But in between applications and teaching I have been annoying my sister, so I might as well report on that:

  • I went through all of her eleventy billion Tupperware pieces and matched tops and bowls and then left about 6 billion unmatched pieces on the counter for permission to toss. "Oh yeah, ffft, toss whatever of them," she said with a hand wave. So I went back and also tossed all of her old cottage cheese tubs since there were still millions of clear tubs and having leftovers and half used cottage cheese all jumbled in the same type of container was driving me nuts. It is much better in that cabinet and we probably only use 6 or 7 containers a week, so I could easily purge even more. But since it looks fine I will stop. Although it is very dark in there and if I could figure out some sort of lighting situation inside I might do that.
  • I tossed a whole bottle of olive oil. It didn't smell all that different from the bottle I just bought, but it did say 2009 best date, and I just wasn't happy with the idea of cooking with it. 2009, people.
  • I went to make mac n cheese the other day, driven by a craving for the bad packaged stuff, and when I poured the pasta into the boiling water, I said, "huh. I didn't know it came pre-spiced with pepper flakes." So I grabbed a white ladle and ladled them out and examined carefully. Those were definitely legs on those pepper flakes. Ew. I dumped it all for a grilled cheese sandwich instead. My sis said she had pantry moths a while ago. I tossed a couple more boxes (2010 best date) today when I took out the trash and will do a couple more every week. 
  • I washed some parts of the fridge (which is much emptier now that I'm here compared to before). There is a bottle of Gatorade in the fridge door which is perplexing to me as my sis refuses to drink anything besides water or the occasional diet coke. Working my way up to getting rid of that.
  • My sis had the plumber and the electrician and the bug control people come out on days when I do not teach --- she loves not having to take a day off work to get that stuff sorted but did not love calling around for it. So we no longer have roaches visible (the downside is I tend to freak out about the gels and chemicals and traps he put down) and can flush the toilet in the other bathroom and can turn on all the lights, which is good. On the downside she bought a vacuum that does not really work on anything but hardwood and then got the place carpeted a few years back. It makes me long to drive all the way out to The Hot Place and bring back a decent vacuum. But then thinking about that makes me sad about my cats and my books and not having a place, so I can't think about that. *sniffle!*
  • It has been nice having regular contact with a person and that person not being a random roommate who would have less patience for my annoyingness. I hope I haven't annoyed my sister or overstayed my welcome because the first paycheck I got for adjuncting is nice but nowhere near covering Bay Area rents. Please send winning lotto tickets and catio building materials.


undine said...

You can get a stick-on battery operated light that will work inside cupboards. OTOH, maybe too much change would upset your sister.

Earnest English said...

You might look at and especially the first comment. I think this is a pretty interesting way to ask around about jobs, especially as people you send it to could see what they wanted to in your description. I do know some people working in fields related to education in the South Bay, so let me know if you'd like to me pass that on to them.