Sunday, October 4, 2015

Little Frustrations

How long have I been at my sister's house now? It is starting to wear on me. It is really difficult to grade here, especially when she is at home in the evenings because the place is so small and she blasts the tv on horrible shows. And just having two classes is the same as four --- the grading expands to fill all available time. I haven't been sending out job apps since getting the big pile of midterms and papers and that should have me worried.

And furthermore, after having the two volunteer places both scheduling me on the same days and almost same times for several times in a row, there is now radio silence! I can't tell if that is because of their work loads or because I actually come off as something horrible and they don't want to work with me. (It all sounds believable if you have been fired for unlikeability.) Hrmf.

I need to grade this big stack o crap and do some cleaning and get back to thinking about a job strategy. And kick my sister out of the house ---- I thought her falling asleep to The Great Halloween Bake Off thing was bad enough, but hearing Robertson and all these other old fogeys talk over each other on PBS has got to be worse!

I haven't even told you about her singing, which I have always charitably ignored rather than telling her I loathe choirs and vocal music. But she has now joined a music group which is shaping up to be Bad News in terms of the money outlay and the practicing and the stress, and also she is constantly singing and practicing and bubbling and making weird noises. Meh.

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