Sunday, July 8, 2007


Not much of import has been going on recently at Chez Cog, save for a recent incident where my cats, mighty hunters that they are, tracked a large wild spider.

Here is said spider, intrepidly trekking across the white wasteland of my ceiling. You'll have to trust me that, in real life, it looked like a nice fat spider and not a blurry blob.

My cats tried everything in their vast arsenal of attacks. They tried meowing at it.

They tried standing on their hind legs. They tried jumping. They tried to enlist the help of furniture (spider is the tiny blot in the upper right of the pic below).

Eventually the spider made its way across the ceiling to hide in the molding at the other side, and my cats went and slept on my head instead.

Like I said, the fun never stops. Now I must decide whether to do dishes or copy edit my article.


medieval woman said...

Copy editing - definitely! Interacting with dishes only hurts your head...

Sisyphus said...

MW --- I did about half the dishes, then read through my article. Then took a nap. Then I made the proofing changes and then took another nap. Then I did more dishes.

I think I was a cat in a previous life --- 16 hours of napping a day? Of course I could do that.

Quiche said...

Your cats are so sweet looking! Well, mischievous looking really. Makes me miss my cat. Aren't the black and white ones the best???

Sisyphus said...

Careful Kisha ---- they're driving me nuts right now: they have discovered that they like chewing on those plastic PostIt flags I put in a bunch of books. I may give them to you if you're not careful.