Saturday, September 29, 2007

to-do lists up the wazoo

Alrighty then, it is morning, I need caffeine, and I think that I have a bajillion things I need to do --- on three or four different lists. Last week was not my own, for reasons that may be revealed later, but I really really need to get back on top of things. You probably don't want to read this post; I'm going to blog my to-do lists like Earnest English used to do when she plowed through her dissertation so successfully.

Ok: I need breakfast and coffee, I also have no groceries, I need to clean my apt esp the Kitchen of Filth (otherwise known as the Pit of Despair and Dishes), I need to do laundry, I need to return (possibly copy and return) two overdue ILLs, I need to write a massive project that is immanently due, I need to email two profs, I need to fix a couple grading snafus from summer, and, of course, make progress on my job materials. So, to rearrange:
  • breakfast at neighborhood coffee shop and
  • plow through massive project (at least figure out where I was when I left off),
(this is what I hate about writing --- I wrote on it, does that mean I can cross it off? I didn’t “finish” or come to a stopping point. Sigh.)
  • then groceries once I'm too jittery to write
  • dump off ILLs at school while I'm in the car
  • then throw some laundry in and
  • clean at least the kitchen
(I finished pile of dishes of despair and cleaned my bedroom. The kitchen still is disgusting, though.)
  • fix grade problem
  • email my committee
I hope I make it through all those. The market will have to wait another day. Now, off to whiz through all my work with speed and productiveness!

Update: (and I balanced my checkbook and picked up drycleaning, which has been ready for two weeks now. Go me!)

Now I will cook something delicious. I may also need a manicure to counteract the nastiness of a mountain of dishes.


heu mihi said...

This is not a snarky typo-catching comment: I just really like the idea of something being "immanently due." Like its due-ness is innately a part of its being; the project is identical with its due-ness.

Now that I think about it, maybe that wasn't a typo. Eh?

Belle said...

Here's hoping that by now (early PM) you're settling back, proud that you got it all done!

Sisyphus said...

heu mihi, I have problems with my i's and a's and my ite's and ate's. Vowels, my nemesis. It's a sign that I'm no longer a copy editor, sigh (the sticky keyboard is a different set of mistakes here).

That said, I have been reading a lot of that one Marx blogger who is always going on about the immanent position of criticism.

But actually, I think the project not being done is what is immanent to its due-ness. The more it is due, the more it is not done. Sigh.

Earnest English said...

Call me f*ing nuts, but I love reading other people's to do lists. Which I guess is why I torture everyone with my own. (Dissertation so successfully -- I flailed toward the finish line! I threw myself at it -- and eventually my c'tee was tired of seeing me hit the pavement. This is my theory. Eventually the asphalt in the cheek gets to people.)