Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coffee Buzz Bullets

  • Good! For some reason I woke up and was on a roll this morning --- as in, I rolled right out of bed and into my clothes and to a coffee place. I've brainstormed up about four pages handwritten and am feeling pretty good about myself. Taking a break before typing them up and working them into some sort of shape.
  • They handed me a double instead of a single today --- I think it was also a latte instead of a mocha. I drank it anyhow. I didn't see anyone around whose drink it might be instead and they did call my name for it, so they snooze, they lose.
  • The Peets was desolately empty at 8 ---- very nice working conditions ---- and then at five minutes to 9 it filled up with throngs of people. I never go there because it's so damn crowded on weekends and I don't remember about it on weekdays.
  • I was winding down after about an hour and a half of writing (I told you I rocketed out of the apartment today!) and starting to go from the "coffee sweet spot" to "overcaffeinated and unable to concentrate," so I packed up and gave my space to the middle-aged blond women who were giving me the stink eye and talking loudly about people taking up tables. If I hadn't needed to pee and walk around I would have stayed there out of spite --- go pick on the people doing the crossword puzzle, motherfuckers!
  • There were people at a table behind me having an erudite conversation about Blood Meridian --- I was confused. People outside of school and not in Kicking and Screaming actually can talk about that in an intelligent way? They looked like your standard wealthy engineering or business types around here, too. I am at a loss to figure out how the students at my school could transform into these people in 10, 15 years or so --- but then again, I don't know where these people went to school. It was just kinda odd.
  • I wish stores would post their hours outside ---- I thought the pet store was open by now but it's not. I need cat food for the little pests and I don't know when to go back.
  • Yesterday I worked inside all day and talked to no one. I think that helped get me out of the house so promptly today --- I was getting pretty stir crazy.
  • Unfortunately, I have shitloads of prep and stuff to do to get ready for Monday, and even if I get all that crap done I'm snowed under for the rest of the week. I may go take a walk and work off some of this extra caffeine before buckling down to tackling my teaching stuff and getting back to more reading. Luckily, I feel like I have accomplished a very small thing for my dissertation and can safely go back to ignoring it for a little bit.
  • Of course, I had made promises to various committee members that I would have finished a rough draft of this chapter by May 1, so, holy shit. It's amazing how I can produce a huge chunk of work and feel more behind than when I started, and before 10 in the morning, no less.
  • So therefore, off again to the salt mines!


Earnest English said...

No! You must TRY to celebrate your successes, Sis! You're amazing! You've already done your most important work for the day while I'm still trying to figure out when my growling stomach is going to create enough impetus to get me off my lazy ass. I remember how hard it was to say "I did good today" when I was staring down some totally overwhelming deadline, but do try to be happy about the nugget you got done today, if at all possible. YOU TOTALLY ROCK!

Mmmm, Peets. That's almost a good reason to get out of bed, get dressed, and drive the squirrely mountain roads to get myself an urbane cup of java. Almost. If they could guarantee they'd have those apple crispy things, that would be something different. I should totally go and work in a coffeehouse like you, you ROCKIN' DISSERTATOR!

And I can't imagine that you're going to be as grumpy and bitchy as I was, but I think the Epitome of Dissertation Bitchiness and Frustration is an excellent goal! I can't wait!

Belle said...

Wow. Exhausted just reading a coffee high. I managed to get seven (7!) papers graded... none of which deserved the passing grades they got. I was feeling good about that until Rockin' Sis got started!

kfluff said...

OMG!! Peets! That's something I haven't thought about in ages (more's the pity). Bless their dark, bitter little souls...