Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Cat Day!

It was almost exactly two years ago that I got my cats from the pound --- they were about six months old already so I never really saw them when they were kittens --- and so this weekend we celebrate their ability to be cute, to be annoying and destructive (hello chewed-up carpet! There goes my security deposit!) and even to be both at once.

Obviously we must celebrate by viewing cat pictures.

Here you can see how I not only have cats but use them as interesting decorating accents:

Yes, it's true, for some reason Timido loves to sit or lie on that little pedestal, despite its small dimensions:

Always use well-fitting pedestals, just like clothing, luv, and you won't have that "I'm too fat to lie down" effect in pictures.

Now Loquito is the one who has discovered the joys of ripping up long strings of carpeting, and for that I'm going to mail him to outer Mongolia:

This box was supposed to hold my overflowing dissertation piles but it has been commandeered by Captain Ahab here. He knows he's too cute to be shipped off; look at him pose!

Thus concludes our tour of Chez Cog, home of cat hair extraordinaire. Donations can be made just outside the gift shop to the left of the Starbucks. Come again!


medieval woman said...

fuzzy cuteness!

Dr. Crazy said...

Adorable, adorable kittens!

(The Man-Kitty and Mr. Stripey also enjoy a pedestal upon which to perch. Both equally enjoy a stack of books on top of the bookshelf in the living room and my jewelry box. The Man-Kitty, in spite of all efforts to dissuade him from this behavior, has also been known to pose atop the coffee maker. This is both disgusting and wrong, and also quite a sight to see. And don't even talk to me about the carpet. The Man-Kitty is destructive and bad - though less so now that he has Mr. Stripey with whom to wrestle.)

Ok, sorry to hijack your comments by talking about my own cats! I suck! Happy Day of Cats!

Sisyphus said...

Dr. Crazy, I _need_ a picture of said cat on the coffeemaker immediately. It must be seen.

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute. And, cute.

undine said...

What I want to know is this: how do they know that the "lie on your back with paws crooked downward" is a seriously cute pose? Because it is.

k8 said...

So Cute!!! Kitties!!!!!!

I think that later this month I might just need to adopt a kitty or two. I've been cruising the local shelter and rescue sites and I think I'm about ready. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the cuteness online.

Sisyphus said...

K8, I would love to inspire you to adopt some kitties! Go you!

Now, getting two would mean more money to adopt them and feed them and whatnot, but it is really fun to watch them play together and romp around ---- and especially when they want to play at 2 in the morning, it's nice that they have each other to pester rather than me.

Belle said...

To the kitties of Chez Cog:

Please inform your human that her abiding silliness is amusing. Her pictures of you are much appreciated, but really, she's quite dim when it comes to appreciating the multiple uses of discarded kitty-hair. The true connoisseur knows that cat hair is both a high fashion accessory and a savory condiment. It can, in a tight spot, perform as a dust-bunny stand in. She should know this, but you know humans. Very dim indeed.

The Queen of Cats & her pathetic human staff