Saturday, April 11, 2009

The MMAP Challenge Begins!

Hooray! Many people are participating in the Magical Month of Academic Publishing Challenge, in whatever capacities are most vital to them at the moment (I see a lot of people working at finishing up dissertations or diss chapters --- go go go !). Grad students/newly minted PhDs are especially encouraged to try out the challenge, as we know the least about publishing and publications are just going to be more and more important for the job market these days.

Thanks to Inktopia for providing these lovely buttons! You can add them to your blog sidebar to remind yourself and everybody else that you are dividing and conquering and rocking on getting those articles written and worked up into publishable form.

Today I have moved around a lot of sections and outlined their current configuration. Maybe later tonight I will go back through the Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks book and work up my own to-do list and plan. (Yes, review still forthcoming!) I'm reminded, as I always am, that 20 minutes of concentrated effort on the revisions works much better than locking myself in the library all day --- I cleaned house and washed dishes and went for a walk with Cool Scientist Friend after moving around sections on paper, and then just now came back for another 20 minutes of work now that I'm tired and my arms hurt from all the scrubbing. Of course, I'd run out of intense housecleaning if I tried to use it as a writing break every day. On the other hand, I might be able to supplement my income by hiring myself out to other grad students or even just the general public --- you'd just have to give me a half an hour or so in your home office, writing, before and after I housecleaned. Hmm. Might pay better than adjuncting.

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