Sunday, April 12, 2009

MMAP Challenge Update April 12: Slow, so slow!

Well my cats kept waking me up last night with their leaping about and jumping on my head, and so today has been a very slow day, involving lots of internet procrastination and promises that I will eventually get off my butt and deal with my to-do list. On the plus side, though, since I put in about an hour of work on my R&R first thing in the morning, my slothfulness is not so bad. I polished up a paragraph so it looks pretty good. Of course, that's way less progress than I had hoped, but I need to be okay with my pace, I think, and not beat myself up over it. Slow progress is still progress, and if I had slept in I would not even have that paragraph done.

The other good news is that I remembered exactly what I was working on yesterday, so with everything fresh in my mind I feel I'm jumping right back in and not having to spend a long time refamiliarizing myself with my tasks (or my argument). So the little-bit-every-day is really helpfull. Of course we all knew that, just like we know we should eat right and exercise every day.

Speaking of, I went grocery shopping and brought home something that is kryptonite to cogs --- blue corn chips and salsa. I have no willpower when it comes to this stuff, and therefore never bring it in the house. I've spent most of the afternoon sitting here munching away on it. So I ask you, the Internets: can I count that for my dinner? And if so, can I follow it up with some of the ice cream I bought as dessert?

I don't know why I still pay for the pilates/spin class, people.


Anonymous said...

I am paying for a health focused strength training where I have not shown up for quite a while...I am so occupied with the MMAP challenge :)))

Academic, Hopeful said...

I had a massage on Saturday (to help with release tension in my neck and jaw - no good!) and the masseuse told me that I needed to work at making small goals for myself so that I didn't have this constant sense of failure. It's terribly difficult to get the balance right when it comes to the focus and creativity involved in postgrad studies and when you're also hoping to motivate yourself with aspirational targets.

Meanwhile, I am eating mini eggs instead of lunch and have already missed the gym class I had promised myself to go to...failed again!

Susan said...

Salsa and chips is certainly dinner. And ice cream is dessert.

undine said...

Blue corn chips + salsa + ice cream = total nutritional package. It says dinner to me.