Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MMAP Update April 14: It's never too late for some revising!

Something tells me that going hot and cold, hot and cold, is not a good sign when one is trying to work. At least, not physical chills and sweats; psychologically speaking that's a pretty good description of how I sometimes waffle over a stuck part of my own work. Anyway, I did my teaching stuff and a bunch of other things and then went home and slept away the afternoon.

And if this had been any other month I would have pulled out a bad movie and decided to cook something big and fancy and complex and just written off the day. But lo! MMAP, and the knowledge that I would not be able to post an update to my blog, has saved me! Instead, I decided that I should try to do some work anyway, even if it was not very much and of course every one knows that you can't get good work done at 9 pm. I have proven them wrong!

I went and re-read an article I need to cite and typed up piles of crap on it. Maybe took 30-45 minutes. (A side note for those of you playing along at home: guess what? There are good reasons for starting to work through and write about your critics chronologically. Why am I doing the first paragraph last? It's a mystery to me too.)

So I didn't finish writing up that bit, but have refamiliarized myself with the article and written down a lot of things. Tomorrow I will condense it all down to a solid gold brick of critical goodness and explain why, although it is a very wonderful and nice article, it totally left out Highly Important Things which only I have noticed and made an argument about. But that sounds tiring just thinking about it, so I'm going back to bed.


Anonymous said...

Of course one can get good work done after 9pm! My bester papers were written late at night.

* said...

Hooray! Good for you.

And I always write my first paragraph last. When everything is said and done and I no longer have the stress about writing the rest of the piece, then it's kind of fun to craft something introductory. So that makes perfect sense to me!