Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MMAP Update April 15: Death and Taxes. Oh, and revisions.

But first, a letter to my cats:

Damn you guys! I am going to kill you! Why must you wake me up with loud mewling at 3 in the morning and then proceed to chase each other around the bedroom? Stop being all nocturnal and eat your food at a regular time rather than turning up your noses at dinner and then demanding fresh new food at 4! You are hereby banished from my room at night, do you hear? Banished!

And now back to the update:

Today was a very long day (up at 6:30 instead of my usual 7 am) and it was a very full day. While I still have an entire kitchen full of filthy dishes and many many things on my to do list (and I'm behind on my class reading), I did get a half hour in on my article revisions. I think at the time I was quite pleased with my work but I don't know right now as it is all a blur after a long day and no sleep and just now some allergy medicine. However I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend and hopefully the wherewithal to get lots of my revising done as next week is not full of meetings and obligations of various kinds.

I'm trying not to collapse right now in the vain hope that I can get myself --- and my stupid cats --- back on our normal sleep schedule. Which involves sleeping at night, not just the evening and after 7 am, guys.

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Anonymous said...

How did my cats end up in your apartment??

(from a bleary-eyed NK whose 18-year-old cat spent the night alternating between yowling for food and getting on the bed and poking us in the face with his very big pokey claws. Well, actually, poking NLLDH, because I roll over so the cat can't reach me, but NLLDH's curses keep me just as awake.)

Huzzah on your work!