Monday, September 14, 2009

The Squadrons Attempt a Holding Pattern as They Await Their Chance Against the MLA Death Star

Sisyphus: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

Sisyphus: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

Sisyphus: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh! Holding.... holding ... T-minus five days and counting!

Placement Advisor: Stay on target ... stay on target...

Sisyphus: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh! Holding.... holding ... T-minus three days and counting!

Sisyphus: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

Other Job Candidate: Um, Sisyphus, shouldn't you be writing your article and starting the applications you already know about rather than just clenching your teeth and shouting "Arrrh" while going down in a death spiral?

Sisyphus: Wait, what?


Belle said...

Like Luke, we are confident that The Force is with you! You shall prevail! Courage, Cog, courage!!

Anonymous said...

awwwwesome post. and yes, may the force be with you young jedi.

Earnest English said...

The force is strong with you, young jedi.

Do or not do. There is no try.


You're going to rock the house this season, sista!

My word today is foxid, which i take to mean that this year you need to let those search ctees know how foxy you are!

Anonymous said...

'Kay, I adored this post. Best wishes for a successful quest, brave warrior.

Anonymous said...

This post rulz. The force will be with you, Sis. Always.

incalculable said...

Hahahaa! Ahhh, so good.

Digger said...

This post has very much win.

Renaissance Girl said...

Ha! Hilarious!

In the immortal words of Gold Leader, "Loosen up." You'll do great, young jedi.