Friday, November 6, 2009

Numbers, First Round

Initial round of job apps sent:

  • 54 job applications (a couple were lecturer things, most were tenure-track)
  • 7 postdocs

(last year I was more restrictive and sent out over 67 apps my first round, while this year I sent out to a lot of comp jobs and other places I clearly don't fit the ad, so there are definitely fewer jobs this year.)

Cost of dossier requests so far:

  • 50$ reactivation fee
  • 100$ initial mailings
  • still have a max of 16 more mailings to be requested

Rejections so far: 1

Requests for more materials so far: zero (but it's still early, right?)

Number of department grad students who I want to kill, for various reasons, so far: 3

Number of days before I can start obsessing and checking the wiki: ______ (it's really more about how long I can hold out rather than any practical number, eh?

Amount of compensatory chocolate consumed, in pounds: _____ (I'm headed straight for the martinis tonight --- luckily with friends. Will move on to chocolate later, probably in tandem with the wiki-checking.)

And thus concludes your Cog's first Job Application Update.


medieval woman said...

It's WAY too early to start getting requests! You'll be great!

P said...

Yes, too early for requests; No, do not check Wiki; Maybe, kill only one grad student; Definitely, martinis.

Fingers crossed for Sis.

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

You inspired me to write my own numbers post. I am trying my best to ignore the market because I'm just too damn busy. It's hard not to get sucked into the roller coaster ride, though. Very hard.