Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wine and Shoes Post

Where the hell did the weekend go? And what did I do for the whole of it???

Anyway, I'm having friends over later ---- as in later this week later ---- and I picked up some wine for us while grocery shopping today, and have already cracked one open today. Yum! But this is bad, and not just for the potential of drinking all the wine before the guests get here.

For example, I gave up wine and dessert, except for special occasions, back in early summer, and my weight has been very stable, slooooowly trending downward, although I'm not keeping a food journal or starving myself. I think I lost about 4 pounds. I know, less than a pound a month is not very impressive, unless you factor in the fact that I'm not really working at it, and that it is not turning me into a crazed and food-obsessed bitch, in which case it's kinda awesome.

But if I go back to going out and eating burgers and fries and drinking a lot with friends like I did and then drinking wine alone on other nights (to say nothing of how this brings up bad memories of my dad drinking himself into oblivion alone every night during my teen years), then I'm going to be fighting to maintain, or even fighting to slow weight gain, and that sucks. Of course, permanently giving up all the food I like also sucks. Ah, the drawbacks of being a foodie!

But then again, I want to be more social and people at school have finally gotten their fall quarter together (just as it is drawing to an end) enough to respond to my invitations to come out and play. And I don't want to be a complete hermit --- I like hermet-ing but for me it's really more of a hobby --- so I'm glad that people want to come out with me or come over. Except that I need to exercise more in compensation, or give up my lattes, or something. Meh.

Not to mention that if I have more wine it's gonna be hell getting up in time for my spin class tomorrow morning. Ah well. It's tasty wine. I am glowing. As Virginia Woolf put it, I think, I have a lamp lit at the base of my spine and am sure that when I get to Heaven Rembrandt will meet me there. Ahhhh. Isn't that nice? Except for the fact that I hate Rembrandt --- I hope he'll be so busy entertaining Ginny over there that he'll send Goya and Velazquez to meet me instead. Ahhh, Spanish painters. Why am I not traveling through Spain right now?

Anyway, that is not why I decided to post, or at least, not the only reason.

I have been fighting myself not buying a dress for the past few weeks now ---- it's expensive, like a hundred and sixty dollars, and I haven't even tried it on since it's in a catalog. I have no job right now, no money and no need of work clothes. So I have been holding off even though I have made the argument that I could treat myself with it for Christmas or my birthday or something.

But then Dr. Isis posted a link to a crapload of Nine West shoes all on sale for 19.95 and I got a couple of them instead. And now they are here:

My camera has been taking kinda blurry pictures lately, sorry. Put it at the bottom of the long list of things I'd like to replace if I had a paycheck.

As you can see, they have embroidery sewn into the leather, not printing or embossing. They are totally not my style; I pushed myself out of my usual comfort zone for them. Because, honestly, I prefer to have very very simple shoes in solid colors and then I tend towards very plain and simple clothing as well and you put it all together and it is dull. So this way, I figure, I can throw on a solid-colored top and jeans, or maybe they will go with my brown pinstripe pants, and they will be this little pop of something interesting down there by my toes.

So, yay! The other minor problem is that, when my feet fit width-wise, the shoes are always a bit long for my feet, so I've gotta put some padding in at the heel or something to keep it snug.

The other shoes are totally different ---- flats, metallic silver, they look very 80s. I'm more likely to wear them out and about on the town instead of my sneaks so I'm sure they will be seen by plenty. No need to drink wine and then document them here.

Well, I hope that I will work so hard at my actual stuff that I don't have time to post about anything this week. Will tell you how the dinner goes though. Eeek! Cooking for other people! Whoah.


Maude said...

totally hot!

Flavia said...

Love! Even blurry, I love.