Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pfew! And I hated it back in junior high, too

Ummmm ---- Hi! (*tucks hair behind ears, draws nervous circles with the tip of a Converse in the dirt*) So --- you like books? I see that's a really nice university press you got there. Uhhh--- (*sheepish blushing grin, twists hands into knots*)

So, um, are you going to be at the big dance? Like, uh, (*deep breath*) so, youwannameetupforcoffeeorsomethingthere? Maybe just for a little while? This isn't a proposal or marriage or anything; and you probably didn't want to anyway --- nevermind --- forget I said anything --- ok; bye.

No, no, really, don't say anything; I'll just back away now and try to melt into this wall over here. And trip over this garbage can in an embarrassingly loud and awkward and ridiculous way on the way out. No, really, don't help me up. Don't even look at me. Just pretend I never asked and was never here and it'll just be easier for both of us.


Ugh! And sending all the emails wasn't so bad, but it took me two days to write the damn thing. I can't imagine what I'll do if someone actually responds.


Bardiac said...

Wishing you much success!

G. Tod Slone said...

Not sure what you're even trying to say in this blog entry. But long live free speech just the same! InsideHigherEd won't even list my blog... too critical of higher ed. Oh, my, the dude must be a loser... too critical of higher ed! I bet he doesn't like professors. Yes, he must be a whiner! Well, I've been a professor. Anyhow, check me out:

G. Tod Slone said...

PS: Hats off to you! And I do sincerely mean it! No censoring of comments, no uh moderating. That's what higher ed should be. Kudos to you!!! You could teach InsideHigherEd a thing or two!
Best and good luck,
G. Tod Slone

Sisyphus said...

Oh, did Inside Higher Ed link to me? They always pick random posts rather than the ones I like. I explained in previous posts how I was trying to turn my dissertation into a book; this one is comparing querying presses to asking someone out in jr high, except it's worse because even if I was a loser back then I didn't have to worry that that fact would leave me unemployed and miserable the rest of my life. Not to get all histrionic and belabor the point.