Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bath Envy

I'm posting a photo of my bathroom so that Kulturfluff can see why I might be begging people for pictures/stories of their remodels.

Yes, that is unfinished particleboard wood. And those 70s sticky things you'd put in the tub over the sink, painted over. (there are black "echo marks" of the same decals, now missing, inside the tub.) And the entire inside of the toilet has rusted orange.

But the most important detail is the scale: that's probably 2 feet across between the wall and the start of the tub. I would love a bathroom that was wider, particularly when it comes to cleaning around the toilet. Or storing anything.

At least the floor's nice. Although it's time to get a new bathmat, that's for sure.

More remodeling pictures!!!!


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

We have an extremely narrow bathroom. There's only room for one person to walk in it at a time, so already your bathroom seems bigger to me. Spacious even. Sigh. Why do Californians scrimp on decent bathrooms? Bah!

Anonymous said...

We are starting our big remodel -- an addition, no less -- in a few weeks. You can count on before and after pics.

We're also adding a bathroom . . .

Stay tuned, Sis.