Saturday, June 12, 2010

Easy Like Saturday Morning

Hello. It's Saturday morning. I'm going to go get coffee momentarily, but I just did a spin class and shower and feel like sitting around for a bit, so here you go.

Also, I need to make some Big Lists and Little Lists for both this weekend and long-term.

Do I want to go eat french toast and/or pancakes at the local greasy diner? Ridiculous question, I know --- the proper way to word it would be, is there any problem with waiting until late lunch to go have french toast and/or pancakes at the local greasy diner? I'll have to check on their hours.

My splotches are healing nicely --- in fact they are barely crusting over at all. I was expecting much more pus and peeling --- think of that 80s version of the movie The Fly and you'd be in the ballpark of my expectations --- but really I have tiny little circles of even tinier red dots.

My cat found the stack of unassembled boxes I am saving and has been chewing on them. Damn troublemaker! Both of them have also been running around on my stack of boxes and leaping off them during the middle of the night. That isn't too bad, but it makes the tape on them crinkle, and then my stupid annoying cat attacks the tape for its wonderful crinkling ability and starts ripping it off the boxes with his teeth. If I have to re-tape all those boxes again, you little jerk...!

Now is the season of moving and remodeling ---- and I would strongly encourage anybody who is doing some sort of fix-it or decoration job to post pictures for me! As I like experiencing handyman projects vicariously and mine consists of half-assedly boxing up all my books and then having the cats chew on the boxes. Not a picture-worthy situation. Martha Stewart is never going to come over and offer to have my moving mess be a centerfold in her magazine. (And that's ok, I just am feeling the need for some lovely pics to fawn over.)

Anything else? No, not really anything else. If anyone has any suggestions for something fun and exciting to put on my lists, let me know!


Anonymous said...

French toast, hands down. I'm wondering if it's too early/late to walk to the convenience store for a donut.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

How about those of us who aren't getting to the fix-up projects? Would you like a picture of the chandelier sitting on top of the cat tree?

Belle said...

Get some of this for your pox.

French toast and bacon.

kfluff said...

asked and answered----fix-it pics up, just for you!

Sisyphus said...

Hmm, I'm not sure I'd walk on a special trip for a convenience store donut. Krispy Kreme, yes. Store-bought?

And aure, if people have failed/unfinished/nightmare remodeling projects those would be even _more_ fun to experience vicariously!