Friday, December 31, 2010

Hair pondering

Before the semester was over I had time to dye my hair again, but didn't have a moment of spare breathing room to call for a haircut appointment. I was looking pretty shaggy and grown out by then already, and so now you can imagine what it looks like. It has gone from a short cut to something so long that I could probably grow it out to a shoulder length bob pretty easily. But I'm not really into that these days --- my hair is very wavy and it does look more straight and "regular" when it is long, but straight hair all around down to the shoulders is a pretty boring look and I would just be tempted to pull it into a ponytail all the time, which looks very meh on me. I guess I really took to heart all those makeover transformation shows that point out hair hanging straight down looks so undone and not smartly put together compared to a "cut."

But then the question is, what cut to get? I can't go too short or else I will look like my mother, which I reject. (For her face shape (and cut too) go here). I've been doing about ear-length stuff, but I am ambivalent about that cut now. Is it too boring if I just stick with the same haircut as "my thing" for years, even if it is a fancy style? Another thing is that I've gotten my hair cut exactly once in Postdoc City, and she put tons of layering in the front and squared off the back, which I had thought was more interesting and stylish doing all sorts of tapering/layering things. The result was a cute cut, but it seemed to be designed to look best like this:

Which as you can see is not very wearable for when putting one's head down and grading. Actually, there's a stereo company pic I need to find that gets at the whole hair-blown-in-your-face look much better, but I can't find it right now. I'm tempted to go back to "my" hairstylist in GradSchoolLand, but, sigh, I don't live there any more and I need to accept the fact and find my replacement people in Postdoc City. Cut the ties, Sisyphus!

Back to the picture, I have troubles with cuts that need to be blow-dried forward into my face, because I need to see to teach and read. Oh, and I hate bangs, which seem to be all the rage right now. The really long wispy ones. They are terrible because I only want to get my hair cut every 4-6 weeks, and long bangs cover my eyes at a week and a half in, and I either have to hack at them myself in the mirror (and get yelled at by the stylist later) or go back more often. Pffft! That is the sound of me blowing the bangs out of my eyes with annoyance.

Anyway, I will continue to ponder this deeply important question. But first I must spend my time at the coffeeshop for what I was supposed to do: work on my Fruit Studies syllabus. Sigh. Any hair suggestions? (and no, shaving it bald will not do, not since I have to go back to chilly Postdoc City for the rest of the winter.)


Anonymous said...

Okay, so. I have opinions about this hairdo. I think my cut is not unlike your picture there, although I do not wear it in my face thankyouverymuch. I told the stylist I do not blow dry at all nor do I intend to start now, so she said we should, in her words, build the structure into the cut, which means lots of layers.

I've decided the key phrases for me and happy haircuts are "I never going to blow dry this," "let's do layers all over," and "I like it to be piecey, not smooth." Because wearing this cut sleek and smooth would take work and normally...just no.

So. Really, what she did was layers in the back and then longer pieces in the front. I got it trimmed and she stacked it in the back, which was also cute.

I still don't blow dry. I use some hairspray to give it a little lift in the back and some styling putty (which is eww but it works) to stiffen the points in the front so it stays more or less in its intended shape. It's down but it doesn't fall in my face that much and when it does, it's okay because it looks adorable when I tuck it behind my ears because the front part is longer.

She also said this cut works really well on my hair because my hair has some body but not too much that it looks crazy. So it might work if you have some wave.

Ima a shut up now.

Anonymous said...

Ok, one thing about bangs is that any decent stylist will allow you to pop in without an appointment and trim them for no charge or for a very tiny charge - like 5 bucks or something - between cuts. Seriously. (Says a girl who gets bangs with some regularity.)

But, going with your "no bangs" rule, what about something like this:,r:1,s:26&biw=1280&bih=574

Or, if not that, this:,r:20,s:50&biw=1280&bih=574

(Sorry these links are so crazy long - I don't remember how to embed them)

Susan said...

FWIW, I love the second one that Dr. Crazy posted -- it's where I'm going with my hair... I have something like it, and rarely use a hair dryer.

The thing about moving is that it takes someone a few times cutting your hair to understand what works.

Tree of Knowledge said...

My cut is kind of like the second link of Crazy's, only I've let it grow out and it needs to be recut. I love it it. It looks fine long; it grew out really well because the cut is so precise. It's an angled bob (long in front, short in back), stacked in the back (which is apparently called an inverted bob?). I don't blow dry, and it curls under without me having to do anything. Seriously , all I do is wash, then comb and tousle--no products, no fuss (I have thick, straight hair though).

But I used to have really long hair, and I used chopsticks to pull it back in interesting buns. Instead of a ponytail, what about using sticks or combs?

Belle said...

I like both of C's links; the second looks more... professional. The first is great, and I love it, but think it might send a message you wouldn't like prospective employers want to hear/see. If that makes any sense.