Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Job App Meh

Not in the mood to work today. I'm at the coffee shop closest to my parents' house, though it's not one I particularly like (ah, the unforseen problems with flying out instead of driving my little car up to their place! I am trapped carless in a city that lays out intersections every half mile!) and not really able to concentrate.

So far I have done one application and looked on the college web site a lot for a second. But it is noisy and hot in here and I may walk back home instead of continuing on. Sigh. I notice that the CA cc jobs are starting to be listed already. They have changed the HR wording to be the most annoying thing possible --- literally pages and pages on the Chronicle of all the "required" activities that I am not going to highlight in my cover letter ---- like ability to work a computer, sit in meetings, and lift 20 pounds ---- and almost nothing about the specifics of the job that would let me know if I should apply to it (do they want straight-up comp or developmental stuff? Is this a reading specialist position? One of those cross-listed thingies with CA high schools and I need a valid credential to supervise? Why do you not put the relevant job requirements in the front of the ad, people? Ability to type or sit in on curriculum meetings should be such a given you shouldn't have to even ask for it.

Grumble. I wish someone would do all these apps for me. Or help me carry my stuff home. Or set up a wireless network at home so I don't have to nag my parents to get off the computer or wake them up from a nap every time I want to use the internet. I haven't decided how much longer I'm sticking around here, but the lack of computer time-wasting is always a factor.


rented life said...

CA cc's are out of the question for me, but I'm with you on the crazy requirements. I remember one that wanted proof of a tb shot. Really?

My favorite crazy postings have been the ones that require a drivers liscene in that state or the one that clearly said "Instructor of [C], will teach [C] courses. Must have degree in [X]" -Let's just say it'd be like wanting an instructor of theater with a math degree. Here I am with a degree in what I'd be teaching, but I don't qualify because they don't want someone with a degree in that field...

Btw, I totally saw a job on highered that was for as Assistant prof of Fruit Studies. Actual fruit studies. I thought of you.

Sisyphus said...

Dude, actual Fruit Studies!?! Awesome. I am tempted to apply. ;)