Friday, March 4, 2011

Ugh! What a week!

By the end of Tuesday, I had finally polished off my enormous to do list for Monday. But of course I had an entire huge separate list for Tuesday, and more for each succeeding day, and thus I got immensely behind. And still am.

And remember how I said I was not a finisher? Well that applies to cleaning, too --- I have this bad habit of cleaning one thing or one room and having grandiose plans to continue cleaning elsewhere and I leave out the mop and bucket or vacuum and whatever else I might need in the other room, and then don't get to it. Usually I am tired and sick of cleaning. So I've been tripping over ugly old cleaning supplies making my uncleaned, mess-filled rooms look even more unsightly all week, which just adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed and general ick.

And I know I should not have waited until now to begin planing and reserving stuff for my spring break trip, but I could not handle the additional things to do. Plus, I hate making calls and reservations and stuff. If I don't get it together that might be a blessing in disguise, as I could probably work just as hard as usual this week on all my grading and non-teaching related stuff. For example, this next week I need to:

- Grade the comp essays I just picked up
- grade the comp peer reviews
- write up short little evaluations of my Fruit Studies presentations
- make corrections to the proofs of my other article! (yay!)
- read new stuff for the Stripey Class and prep a class on it for after break
(I had a Stripey class this week on new stuff I had never read before and prepping it was grueling! No wonder I was so tired and overwhelmed and pissed off last semester! I only put the two weeks of new stuff in the class, and I am glad!)
- start reading and planning class activities for the next comp sequence, which is all new to me since they hated the classical rhetorical analysis stuff last time
- oh yeah, apply for whatever jobs are actually being posted
- * work the shit out of that new article I want to finish writing ... can I get at least section 1 into a pretty finished state? I need to get back to it if I want to make my deadline of the end of the semester.

- and I should probably make all my doctor's appointments and haircut and stuff. Sigh. Yeah, I don't really get a break at all, except from wearing nice clothes, and interacting with my students. That's something, anyway.

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Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Clean ALL the things!

(This message brought to you by Hyperbole and a Half.)