Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teachers are the Kleptocrats --- no, wait

Oh, Jon ---- Jon Jon Jon. You think you are being outlandish and overstating the case but really there are people who are proposing, straightfaced, pretty much what you are saying. If not emailing all the grading out to India, then replacing teachers with a robot or computer program. (Suddenly SUNY's decision makes sense in the whole conspiracy-scheme of things.)

Because nothing is easier to control with a computer program than a distracted, unmotivated child who doesn't want to learn about fractions or verb tenses or godhelpusall critical thinking.

But it's really all fine, because if we're outsourcing all the jobs, then there won't be any work or wealth or food for these kids in the near future and they're not going to need any education. Hell, they probably need to be as stupid as possible or else they're going to notice what's happening and break out into violence.


Bardiac said...

But it's not about computers in the classroom! He's proposing that we disassemble our children and reassemble them "over there." That's much more practicle!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Immediately re-posted on FB for my Wisconsinite friends in the UW system. Most of the people I know with t-t jobs are in the U-Wisconsin system, poor bastards. I think every teacher and politician in America should watch this video, though. I love Jon Stewart.

Earnest English said...

I LOVE Jon Stewart, with a love both pure and true. Did you see him unable to deliver that "greed" part without smiling and needing ro re-compose himself. I totally love him.

Then why is my word verification today "hateall" ?????????