Friday, April 15, 2011

Arrrgh tired

Tired and completely delusional. For some reason I have boundless optimism that I can Do! Everything! this morning ---- "Oh, I have hardly any stacks of grading and I can pop right through that and all the laundry in minutes; I should write a book this weekend!"

What is my brain thinking? For one thing, my body is so not on board with these plans. I'm halfway through my coffee and still tired and sleepy. And because yesterday had certain sucky snafus, I had to run across campus three different times. Grrr! My feet are all blistery ---- ballet flats are ok for teaching in, especially compared to heels, and yet, they don't want to stay on your feet, which makes crazy-run-all-over-the-place-cleaning-up-after-someone-else's-incompetence days extra painful.

I am covered in purring cats. It's nice and warm. You'd think that was great, but Loquito never purrs because he is happy, only when he is actively annoying me and trying to get me to put out food. However, I just put out the food. It is not my problem that he did not notice the food was put out. It is fresh. It is just opened. It is edible, so go eat it, dammit cat!

And I just shoved Loquito off my lap and poked him until he walked over to the food. And now he is scootching his butt across the carpet instead of eating. Dammit. He has been doing that off and on for a while, and it probably means I should take him to the vet. Poor kitty. Poor bank account! I just took the other one in and they couldn't figure out why he was scratching at his ears. I don't really want to go through all that time and cost for no diagnosis again. OTOH, my cat just wiped his butt on the carpet. I don't really want to walk barefoot anywhere now. Maybe I should invest in a steam cleaner. Bleah.

Hmm what do I really have to do? I better have energy for the crazy plans my brain keeps coming up with!
  • laundry
  • grade set of peer reviews
  • grade set of big research papers
  • write last stripey essay prompt and upload
(reading and prepping for next week's classes, but not today)
  • create take home final
  • create stripey final
  • find last semester's comp final and copy
  • catch up on/clean up student emails
  • oh yeah I have a conference coming up in a while
Funny thing, while my brain thinks I have nothing I need to do this weekend, therefore I should go write a novel from scratch while creating art and a creating fantastic research book, my body is too tired to get off the couch and actually get the laundry work together or grade. Meh. Maybe I'll go back to bed?

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Psycgirl said...

I hate that feeling when my brain wants to do a work marathon and my body is not on board :(

Sorry about the butt dragging - they'd probably just give you a dewormer and check his anal glands. This happens to my female cat once in a while.