Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random thoughts while I wait for you all to update your blogs, yo

- I know it is the end of the semester and everyone is tired, but how can I procrastinate if you all don't procrastinate and write things on your blogs? You should be complaining about how much grading you have so I can avoid all the grading I have!

- I bought a yoga dvd and have not been very good about trying it out. The second time I did one of the longer sequences (ie today), I noticed that my knee has been tight and having trouble straightening out, alternating with the kneecap "catching" and locking or slipping around ---- something that usually only happens in very cold weather or big changes in weather, or, when I am not working out at all. Huh. Now I have to figure out if this is something that would get better if I did it more regularly and I'm out of shape, or a sign that something about these specific stretches is bad on my knee and I need to not use it any more. Hmm.

- In other workout news, I need to figure out some sort of summer plan for working out more regularly and getting back into some sort of cardio routine. I can't even bring myself to go to the yoga classes at school, so I don't know if relying on the rec center is going to work. And I need to figure out some way of inspiring me/holding my feet to the goals, because I really haven't done anything regularly this semester. I would like to get back into working out regularly and even lose some weight ---- though I have no interest in leaving the couch and I just ate an omelet for dinner followed by this popcorn, so clearly I have trouble with the weight loss goals too. OTOH, if I'm running around to different places all summer, I'm not sure that buying a membership somewhere would really work. Or be in my budget. Sigh ---- I couldn't really afford it b/c it was so fancy, but I loved my fancy-pants spin/pilates/yoga place! I wish I could have packed the whole studio up and taken it here with me.

- Today I cleaned my bathroom and the catbox and worked up drafts of two finals. I should have been grading film research papers. I'm also supposed to be watching one of the films right now. Instead I am eating popcorn and thinking about gladiator sandals.

- Didn't I say gladiator sandals were hideous and I would never, ever wear them, when they first came out? It's odd, because suddenly I kinda want a pair. A crazy pair with a zillion straps across the foot and some studs. Maybe it's because I bought those dresses. Maybe it's because I want to invade Gaul. I'm not sure. All I know is that I look hot in a miniskirt and spiked helmet, ready to go out and duel with a minotaur or lion or Russel Crowe or whatever. Bring it on. Unless, of course, my knee keeps acting up.

- I need to do a follow-up post about my teaching philosophy. Some time later when I am less tired. I also need to do a post about research, for lo! I have been researching. Not a whole lot, but I should update you about that. And I tried to make preliminary research/teaching/exercising plans for summer, but got kinda stuck on the whole moving/not moving dilemma which I still haven't solved. Hmm. Hey, you! Who am I going to come visit this summer? Because I need to work some side trips into my plans too, before I actually make any. Or as a way to avoid making plans. Whatever. Depending on what happens to the other postdoc, I may have some free catsitting to work in there too, which will help with the cost of touristing.

- That reminds me; I bought a tourist guide to this area back when I first moved here, and was pretty good about going with various postdoc people out to see touristy things, and do a few hikes, and sightseeing, and I only have done two little trips this semester. I should get back on that. It's partly that the history dude got a job (hooray!) and so is buried under teaching and planning and thinking about packing up and moving things again, and some of the postdocs have branched out to other hobbies that they like but I am not interested in, and partly that if I work a big chunk of the middle of each and every day, I can take it pretty easy in the evening and not do work. But that means I never take a Saturday off to take a hike or visit someplace George Washington had a beer or whatever.

That and it's been either raining or having tornadoes every fucking weekend ---- seriously, what's up with that? I thought we weren't supposed to have tornadoes wipe out the entire east coast. Well, we weren't supposed to have a major snowstorm shut down all of the deep South, either. Welcome to Global Catastrophic Climate Change. (As Cool Scientist Friend constantly complains, Global "Warming" is inaccurate, especially since if it shuts off the Gulf Stream, Europe will freeze while other parts of the earth will bake. Which means Global "Warming" explains things in a way that conservatives can weasel around. Anywhoo, I'm rambling.)

- I don't feel like doing anything tonight. Even fun, procrastinatory things. Hmm.


Bardiac said...

You could come visit me, way up north. /nod

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, we update our blog daily for your procrastinatory pleasure (and our own). Is it summer yet?

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Invade Gaul! Absolutely! Du vin, du chocolat, des chansons, du cafe! Euh ben pffff!