Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Updates

  • after being slothful and avoiding my writing all weekend (that includes Friday, actually), I managed to get to a coffeeshop and work today. Hmm. Looking at my notes (I sign myself in and out to keep me slightly more honest), I only wrote on the new section for an hour today. That's not much; I will try to work more steadily tomorrow. (see why I need a punch-clock?)
  • and though I grumbled and was tired and did not want to get up, I actually did get up and do yoga. Yay! Ideally I'd walk too, but my desires to make lots of progress on the article and to get in lots of exercise are in conflict with each other.
  • Speaking of my article, I may have to kill my brother and my dad, who I told that I was working on a new project. Since that was a month ago, they have decided this must mean the project should be done right now. I keep getting "well, aren't you done yet?" comments on my phone calls home. Argh. Of course, with my dad, explaining to him that humanities articles don't work like engineering papers isn't going to do anything from one conversation to the next. Ah well.
  • I like the library here. Our holdings might be pretty pitiful, but all the upper floors have windows on all sides and they have put group study tables around the perimeter, which allows me to bask in the light and a view. I find that really nice when working (after lunch I went there to type up booknotes and prevent myself from taking a nap.) It's also quiet --- deathly quiet even though we are in the middle of summer session. Heh.
  • Speaking of summer session, I should prep my online summer class. Sometime.
  • Speaking of avoiding naps, I accidentally pushed myself very hard in that yoga session and suddenly found myself in the middle of a nap attack right before lunch. The cats took full advantage of my sudden loss of consciousness to drape themselves all over my body.
  • What that will mean if I am to die in my apartment and not be found for several days, I don't want to know.
  • I have a rice-related update for you all but will make that a separate post. Or not, as I am strangely tired and unwilling to upload the pictures (yes I took pictures for you).
  • I got caught in the rain in the laundromat yesterday, my clothes all dried and folded but unable to leave because of aforementioned rain. Met some real characters but have a half-written post going on that.
  • I shouldn't check my blog reader in the middle of the day, because I have no willpower and waste valuable midday time reading them instead of working and then have no posts to read in the evening after dinner. Alas.
  • I am going to visit the fam in California for a bit this summer. I might be more homesick for the place than the family.
  • I have yet to win the lottery or have a rich distant relative remember me in their will. I could really use that at the moment.
  • I don't really have anything else to post.


Anonymous said...

I could go for a lottery win or surprise windfall (is that the right word? drawing upon my last game of Monopoly--or was it Life that had the surprise-money cards?--twenty years ago), too.

Good luck with online class prep.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok, it told me I hadn't entered the first word correctly. So I entered the new word. And then it posted twice. Fun with Blogger!