Monday, August 15, 2011

You know what makes everything better?


Those first few still images have no sound, so do not adjust your set.

The sound quality/singing-in-tune-ness isn't so strong at the beginning, but, it is a great show in terms of energy and silliness. Go watch.


Bardiac said...

I was going to say chocolate! But this, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jesus. I haven't thought of this song in a hundred years. Thank you for this birthday present!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite 80s songs! Thanks for that. :)

Dr. Koshary said...

The answer is, obviously, beer. But this is fun, too.

The clunker notes are kind of annoying, but at the same time, it's pleasing to hear a concert by pop singers who actually sang their songs, without using masses of technology to fix their errors. I double-dog-dare any party-music pop act to do the same today.

Anonymous said...

There's a Family Guy episode (the one where Quagmire sleeps with Cleveland's wife) in which Peter concurs--that Rock Lobster *does* make everything better.