Sunday, September 11, 2011

Missoni for Target

You might remember the last time I blogged about Liberty Fabric at Target, but was sad when I looked at the actual stuff and found it not as nice as I was hoping. Also, I don't do well in head-to-toe loud clashing floral patterns.

However, I have high hopes for the Missoni collection coming to Target later this week! I like geometric stuff better than flowers. Bring on the wild-colored chevrons!

Now, I will probably look about as good in loud, head-to-toe horizontal chevrons as I do in clashing florals, but I am not really so stoked about the outfits as much as I am interested in livening up my solids with some interesting accessories. Like the scarves or shoes:

Why, oh why, did I buy some plain black serviceable wellies last year when clearly I need crazy chevron ones??????? Sigh.
I might have to try on the clothes and see if there is anything I can work into my wardrobe without being silly --- but the shoes are a must-have. They are awesome. Also, I want to wear men's ties, just so that I can steal the ones from this collection.

What I am really stoked on, though, are the housewares. I found a "lookbook" previewing all their products (Target doesn't have any of them online yet; must wait for the 13th...) and I am worried. There was a tv commercial that had crazy towels. I would really like a loud and cheerful set of bath towels! I can't find them previewed anywhere and I am worried that they don't really exist. That makes me sad. I do not need a set of zany black-and-white melamine dinnerware; I need crazy towels!

Also, I feel like Flavia needs these snazzy bar accessories, mainly because on the internet she's an Art Deco head. (Side note: does that mean I should be wearing lots of furs and animal prints? I actually do wear lots of black-and-white, just like my photo of me hiding behind poststructuralist theory over there.)
Long live the chevron! I hope that all this snazzy stuff lives up to my expectations.


Spanish prof said...

Ok, I blogged about exactly the same a few days ago. However, I couldn't find examples of the upcoming collection. Could you provide a link, because i'm dying to see the models.

Sisyphus said...

Here 'tis!

Spanish prof said...

Thanks! You are obviously miles ahead of me in the fashion world!!!

anthea said...

ooooo those shoes are stunning! I'd wear those wellington boots really since I'm tired of my black ones and they are old too. So, thank you for the url! ;-)