Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Tylenol PM post

Urgh. I don't know what's up. Last night I had two beers and stayed up late to watch a movie. That shouldn't really have any effect on me. But this morning I was tired, and I had a haircut appointment, and when I got back I just felt miserable. Huge stabbing headache and (still, from earlier this week) cramps.

I drank water (maybe it's a dehydration headache?) and ate lunch and tried to work on job apps for a little while, and then gave up and went for the medicine. All I had was the drowsy nighttime stuff, so I took it. I just woke up from a couple hour nap and the headache is now gone. The cramps mostly are too. But they appear to have taken my brain with them, and I am sooo groggy. Rested enough I don't think I can nap any longer, but man.

I may print out a warning to myself and post it on the wall: Do Not Touch Your Job Applications. You Are Totally Mentally Incompetent. I keep getting pulled back to them and wanting to get work done today, but I also got up to go to the bathroom and forgot where I was going along the way. Job apps are not the things I want to screw up while suffering medicine head. Or really, screw up at all.

Got any suggestions for shiny mindless things I could look at on the internet?


Tree of Knowledge said...

Reddit is always a good source of mindless things.

dr four eyes said...

You could put your drug-addled, job-search-obsessed mind to work coming up with Anxiety Cat macros:

Anonymous said...

Robot p0rn. :) Or just Futurama episodes that focus primarily around Bender.