Saturday, February 18, 2012

Run over by a cold.

Well, I think it's a cold, since the other postdocs haven't met all this semester as some sort of crud has been passed through our ranks, one by one, but it feels like I was run over by a Mac Truck. I did not sleep well last night, and today I am stuffy and muddle-headed and achy and cold. Bleah.

Also,  I thought this was the Weekend of Neverending Grading, as I really need to catch up on all those homeworks and quizzes and a couple big assignments I just got, but actually it is the Weekend of Applying to all the Community College Jobs, it seems. I've done four and I have two more that are partially done over there on the pile, but I have to write up new things for those guys and I'm not at that state of mental alertness anymore. Sadly, this hasn't made my apply-out pile any smaller, just gotten me up pretty much through the end of Feb. That means I will spend all week grading things and next week it will be time to shovel off a bunch of applications again. Sigh. Triple sigh. You'd think I could get ahead. It's not anything like rolling a rock up a hill; much more like trying to shovel yourself out of quicksand.

I need a nap. I thought I had something else to report or something mildly more interesting to say, but I can't think of it any more. I need more cokes and cold medicine. I'm caught up on the laundry. We might get more snow in a couple days. Nope, none of those were the thing  I wanted to pass along. Ah well.

A nap, then I will decide if I should apply to more things or grade more comp homework. What an exciting weekend!

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Belle said...

Poor Cog! Snuggle into your most comfy spot, adorn yourself with warm cats, and nap the day away. Your body will thank you.