Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Too tired to grade the stupid quizzes I am sitting on (and when do I ever want to grade, anyway?), not quite tired enough to head to bed early. It's nights like these that inappropriate internet purchases get made. I'm going to have to really watch that this semester and work on staying within a budget rather than letting the credit cards balloon up any further.

But these are tres cute, no? Modcloth has been showing some really nice stuff lately. Boden, my other internet crush (too expensive!) has been a bit disappointing recently. Although they have introduced a "boden for work" button and they have some very nice wardrobe basics there. it's just, if it looks basic and standard, I don't want to pay oodles and whatnot for it.

Sigh. Maybe I should start playing solitaire or something before bed. I've just got that weird window where I am mentally too tired to do anything that requires concentration and just way to alert to lie down and close my eyes. It's a long window. Yes, I packed my bags and my lunch already. The kitchen is clean.

Maybe I should paint my nails. Purple and pink, anyone?


Bavardess said...

Ooo, those are some pretty shoes! Maybe try some escapist reading before bedtime? My go-to books for this are old-school mysteries (Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh) or good historical fiction (but NOT romance).

Anonymous said...

Modcloth is the DEVIL!!!!!! It eats all my money and then delivers me the cutest items in the mail!

Do you like reading? I am like you, about 2 hours before sleep I can't do anything. I have found reading helpful- it takes my mind away from work and lets me relax until I fall asleep!

Sisyphus said...

The first sign of me getting tired is that my eyes start hurting really bad, so reading/thinking in general just stops working pretty early in the evening. Looking at pretty pictures (and hitting the buy button, alas!) is about as much as I can do.