Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cog in landscape

I have been having fun with my pseudonymous location and trying to do some really evocative landscape writing while still messing with my readers' assumptions about where I am. But you know, of course, that once I describe a tree the gig is up.

For what is more iconic and specific to certain regions of the West than its trees? I am afraid to even allude to them, they are so distinctive:

See? And each one has a very small and specific habitat, so it would be easy to find me, I think. And where is the fun in that? I enjoy confusing people.

And here are two popular non-native trees, since technically Los Angeles is in the West, although it should be crystal clear I am not there:

And these are eucalyptus, the incredibly flammable and stupid-to-have-in-California non-native tree. I couldn't find a good picture of the whole tree that also showed the long stringy bark bits that peel off and drip down, so I showed you a whole forest.

And here is a California oak just because I miss mom and dad's place. Although idiots have been just as assiduous at planting random palm trees around there too! Usually in the same block of strip-mall stores where there are a couple redwoods and a japanese maple.

So what do the trees at The Hot Place look like, and how will I describe them? We do have some trees around here, amidst all the heat and the smoke. Ooh, I know! They are very thin, and very tall, and they have wheels:

Just like that. See?:

Can you find my house? It's the one with the cats.


Flavia said...

Oh, I LOVE Joshua Trees! My mom grew up on the Marine base next door to Joshua Tree, and I'm minorly obsessed with them. In my third life, I'll live in the desert.

But maybe not in The Hot Place. Smoke gets in your eyes, etc.

Bardiac said...

I love eucalyptus. Yeah, they're flammable, and not great wood, and yeah, they're non-native.

But, like redwoods, they smell of home for me.

I hope you're enjoying the hot place! When it's minus oh shit here, you can still wear shorts!

dr four eyes said...

I confess: I've been wondering if your hot place is near my hot place.

Sisyphus said...

Flavia, you can come by and visit and see the Joshua Trees if there are in fact any Joshua Trees around! Heck, you can come by and visit even if there are not!

Bardiac, I do love the smell and the feel of walking around eucalyptus ... it's just, reading up on them made clear just how many bad things there are about them.

Dr Four Eyes, I dunno: tell me what kind of trees are at your hot place! Ok ok kidding: wrong latitude right longitude.