Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Fancy that, a best-teaching practices workshop day that actually is run on the model of best teaching practices! I appreciated the breaks and the switching up activities. I grumbled at the icebreakers and think-pair-shares, although if you are going to inflict these on your classes, then you should be forced to undergo them yourself. Orientating will continue apace.

I have met people! They seem nice!! I hope this all works out well. I am noticing that is not exactly normal or common to have moved all the way across the country for a job and then back across the country again --- in fact, at a community college, lots of the people are locals and have been working in some sort of industry or profession for many years and are just now moving into teaching. That means a lot of these people have never really been away from The Hot Place. And a lot of the other people did the normal thing of, get a master's, adjunct for a year or so while applying to a few places, then get a job. I am so confused by the idea that this actually exists for some people. They are, I suppose, equally confused by me --- especially since even those people who had tough job markets have some sort of local connection to the area. Hmm. I guess I'd have some reason to feel like the odd one out even if I wasn't the lone singleton transplant.

Ok I should probably go ponder my syllabi or do some of these things on my school to-do list now.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Most of the people at my school are fairly local, with an odd Texan thrown in every once in a while. I think some schools like to hire locals because they think they are less likely to jump ship for a "better" job. If you already have ties at a less-than-fantastic location, then you won't want to leave for, say, New York.

I have found that my moving around some is endlessly interesting to students and colleagues alike. It's like a vicarious adventure for them. Suddenly, you're worldly! Who knew?

Bardiac said...

I'd love to know how it felt to be on the other end of the best practices! I've tended to enjoy those learning experiences. But I don't always find them as quick as I'd like. Do I retain more? Dunno!

Good luck with your new year!

Susan said...

Glad orientation is good. I would assume that the people who have moved are like you, in the academic areas, especially liberal arts. But it does make an interesting change. I'm astonished at my place how many people have local roots, though some spent time in other places. I think Californians are often incredibly provincial.

undine said...

Glad you are settling in and that orientation is actually useful. I don't know The Hot Place where you are, but I hope it cools off this fall.