Thursday, May 28, 2015

T-minus 32 days.

I gave notice to my apt complex (I might need to stop by in a couple days and make sure they got it, but that defeats the purpose of slipping it into their doorframe. I just wanna disappear from here --- I don't want any goodbyes or sympathy, I just want to be left alone and ignore the problem and pretend it never happened!)

I have finally made a list (which included the entry to make a whole bunch of lists for organizing the various parts of my move) and I need to do at least one Unpleasant Thing on it each day. Today I avoided the "contact schools about adjuncting" in favor of dealing with the car place, which was still unpleasant and necessary. Ooh, and yesterday I took a nice long walk! The plan was to alternate walks with morning yoga sessions but I felt very sick and dehydrated this morning so I'm going to start that up more slowly.

It's funny; we have had the loveliest coolest weather, for The Hot Place, lately and it made me really sad to have to leave. There is a lot of very beautiful landscape here and lots of cool places to to look at. I did some nice hikes and really enjoyed the new people who showed up --- transplants from elsewhere like me. We had a lot in common and they were making exited plans about all sorts of things (will I never get my kayak now!?!?) that I also really want to join and for a bit I didn't want to move away. But then I realized that I have a handful of acquaintances here but no friends, I am trapped inside during the only months I had off, and there is nothing cultural or food related around here I want to have anything to do with. Sigh. So I guess it's best I move back home.

"Home," however, is a bit of a shitter. I found out why they say "you can't go home again" ---- they've raised the rent so damn high! There are only affordable places on Craigslist in the Bay Area if you count Tracy as part of the bay. Now, I know I define "Bay Area" much more widely than some of its denizens, but even for me that's not really the BA. What the hell do working class people do to live in the Area on low-wage salaries? I guess everybody doubles and triples up and rents a room or a sofa rather than an entire place. Gah!

Oh, and I have recently told my sister about all of this, which was a relief and yet still kind of horrible. I am still working up to figuring out how to tell my family. That hasn't even made it onto the List of Unpleasant Things. I should write that one on there. Ooh, and reserving a POD. I was thinking of possibly selling my bed and sofa so I could fit all my crap in a POD and store it (not my clothes or coffee stuff, of course, not the daily used items, but I could probably store my books/furniture without access to them for several months). The bed is very very old. The sofa, only a few years old. Both have been damaged by cats. Thoughts one way or another? Or thoughts of a good way to break getting fired to my family? I'm kind of leaning towards flinging it at them like this song does:

Hello, dad, I'm in jail ..!


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I have no idea how people live in the BA. It just keeps going up and up and up exponentially. I'm going to FB message you some info about BA schools I've worked at or had friends working at.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tracy is definitely NOT the Bay Area. Have you thought about the Sacramento area? It's not BA, either, but I'd rather live there than Tracy, and you'd have the advantage of CSUS, UCD, and a sh*tload of CCs (see Los Rios Community College district). Also, if you found a job in the BA proper, there's an Amtrak commute train from there into the City.

[And I apologize if you knew all of this already... I'm just an ABD (almost done!) who grew up there, trying to be helpful as you live my worst future nightmare.]


Susan said...

If you think Tracy isn't the bay area, think about people who commute from Modesto and even south. It's NUTS.

I have a friend who has a one BR to rent, and I can find out what she'd want in rent. . .

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. You should turn it into a book. I find every post fascinating. It's one of my fav things to read on Internet.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. You should turn it into a book. I find every post fascinating. It's one of my fav things to read on Internet.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I think we're moving on the same day. Different circumstances, to be sure. Still, maybe we can be moving-trauma buddies?