Thursday, February 12, 2009

A boring to-do list

Hello; I'm doing a little better. Sent out two more apps. I have a couple more I need to get to ... hmm, Saturday? That's a weird due date.

Anyway, I just got a stack of papers, and have oodles and oodles to do. I'm taking the opportunity to post my list so that I get a bit of a rush from publicly checking things off it. At least I hope this will work. So, voila:

- grade papers
(properly speaking these must be "aged" first, like American beef, so I won't actually get to them today.)
- laundry (one load done. The rest can wait.)
- humongous pile of dishes
(I may add to them first; I want popcorn right now.)
- read for tomorrow
- prep tomorrow's lecture
- make paper guideline handout for tomorrow
- check quizzes
- phone call about possible adjunct sub
- plan special outing for this weekend (half done)
- watch docu. and see if it will work for next week?
- send some emails to
  • students
  • coordinator
  • someone else who I forgot? hmm
As you can see, that's a lot and I probably won't get to applying to any more jobs today. But that is on the list too. Many many things are on the list.

I think I shall add "make and eat popcorn" to the list, but I need to be careful that this does not devolve into reading blogs/facebooking and relaxing. No rest for the wicked!

Update: the popcorn was delicious. Now back to work!

Update II: Not too bad, but now I am very sleepy. I may go in only half prepared, or wake up early tomorrow to fix my powerpoint. Unfortunately, I get the other class's papers then! (what was I thinking, scheduling them back to back like that???)


Academic, Hopeful said...

Well impressed that you got to the dishes and laundry first. I almost cry before facing them. Actually, I can sometimes cope with the washing-up, it's quite therapeutic. But the laundry really hurts my feelings. Good luck with your list.

Unknown said...

I love the notion of properly aged papers... stealing that idea right now.

Sisyphus said...

@ Academic Hopeful (or is that Hopeful Academic?) I love doing laundry. Particularly when I have grading I should be doing; it's soothing. Dishes I loathe; I have no dishwasher and it is dry and cold here (ok, California cold) and my hands crack from the washing. Bleah!

But actually, the Big Scary Item on that list was the phone call. That's the one I'm proud of attacking right away.

@ Harrietsdaughter --- It's all about the cultural differences between the US, and France, I believe, which traditionally has not aged their papers. Unfortunately I can't go the Italian wine route and cellar them for a good dozen years. It would probably help.