Saturday, November 6, 2010


I should be grading. Wahhh! I have two sections normed and entered in and ready to hand back and really I should be trying to get that third one all the way done and ready to hand back next week too. But I don't think that is going to happen. Why did I think that I needed to start with a different section than the 8 am class? If I had done the late afternoon class just like the other times, I probably could have saved all the norming and grade entering for the last minute and gotten them all back. Sigh.

In addition to the comp essays I have my lit survey midterm rewrites and just got a stack of essays from them too. I fear those. Plus I have a set of response papers from the comp people and will get another set at the beginning of this week as well. Plus the in-class diagnostic they had to do and tons of their in-class work I haven't even been glancing at. Poo. I feel quite overwhelmed.

In other news ---- why am I seeing "doorbuster" ads on tv? Have they moved up "Black Friday" earlier in the year? I call foul! If they do that, are they going to have the stupid super early Christmas ads too? Grumble. On the other hand, I keep seeing ads for fabulous sales ... including coats. And this means it would be a really good time to go out and try on a bunch of things. Mmmm! Too bad all that grading is in the way.

If I am very, very good, I will go out and go shopping tomorrow. Ok then. Now I will go read and prep class. (I still need to build up some more stamina before moving back into the grading again --- I did 4 papers this morning.)


canuck_grad said...

Speaking of Black Friday/Thanksgiving, can I ask you a question? I know Thanksgiving is a bit of a bigger deal in the US than Canada, but do people actually buy Thanksgiving gifts for people? I work for Newport News/Spiegel call centre part-time, and they keep telling us to offer various items as good gift ideas for Thanksgiving, and I just feel foolish.

canuck_grad said...

Oh, and in Canada, Xmas season starts Nov. 1 - as soon as Halloween stuff is gone - b/c we don't have Thanksgiving coming in between.

Sisyphus said...

Heh: no. I don't know of anyone who gives or exchanges gifts on Thanksgiving, with the possible exception of getting a little host gift if you go to someone's house for the big dinner.

That and my dad, whose birthday is two days after so we always combine the two celebrations.

canuck_grad said...

I knew it! They tell us that Thanksgiving is "bigger than Christmas" in the US, and that is what everyone buys the most gifts for. LOL
What do you think the chances are that someone will buy a leopard-print loungewear set as a hostess gift?