Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year everybody!

So far, the new year is going ok for me. I hit the limit of how long I can be together with my entire family without being pissy and annoyed some time yesterday, but then people went off their separate ways and left me alone for the afternoon, so it was ok. They should be coming back over after lunch and church and working on the puzzle, a family new year's tradition. A tradition that adds a lot to my annoyance and pissiness when we work on it together. Ah well.

Otherwise I have been lounging around unshowered and in old clothes, being a lazy bum. It's nice. I have a promise from my sister that we will go out and do a bunch of her errands including returning some gifts, so I hope I won't be utterly stir crazy today. (I have no car, remember?)

I've been working on my syllabus for the new class, chipping away at it bit by bit ---- it's probably taking longer than it should because a) I can, and b) I'm working on writing up handouts for all the assignments and I don't actually want to make them. This also involves making irrevocable decisions, which as you know I tend to dither about and not want to finalize. So I've been using the most clear and awake hour or two in the morning to work on wording and questions for the assignments. Today I need to make a plan for how I want the students to facilitate discussion/do presentations/whatever, especially as there are not enough days to have one student per day unless I cut out documentaries and the library days. So now I have to decide if I want them to do multiple individual presentations or group ones. And what exactly they would be doing. Mmm, I can feel my brain turning off already, saying, eh, deal with it later.

I haven't updated anything about the other classes yet but I do have the rough start from last semester to work with, so I hope I can get everything finished and updated before classes start. I haven't gone back to finish this pile of job apps due immediately either. Fuck the job apps. I hate them.

I've really liked the new MLA schedule because I am just now getting bored and tired of my family --- everyone in my family goes back to work or to school tomorrow, having been off the week between Christmas and New Years (except my niece who doesn't go back to school until the 24th the lucky bastard!) and it has been nice being able to hang out with them all when they are all together, and not have to explain why I am flying off somewhere else instead. (the old way involved leaving when everyone was here and then coming back to sit in my parents' house alone for a week while everyone else resumed their regular work schedule). Of course, it would be better if I actually had some job prospects, (rrrr!) but it is what it is. The break would have been a lot less relaxing if I had been doing job interview prep, so ... I guess that's a good thing?

Anyway, I'm going to finish the laundry and then to stare at my syllabus some more. It sounds like my new year's resolution has been to turn my blog into a weapon of mass destruction by boring all my readers to death!

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anthea said...

Your break sounds relaxing and less stressful. Yep, its good to be able to catch up on stuff ...but I don't blame you about the job apps!

Happy New Year!