Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teaching Update: Arrrrgh!

Why, oh why did I decide to take a summer class? You're cramping my style, yo! And why on earth did I run amok across the state (or the subsection I live in, anyway) that first weekend instead of grading, grading, grading? Well, that is a silly question, for I hate grading and love procrastinating. And yet, this means I have grading, grading, grading to catch up on plus MORE grading that will come in this week! And I am so buried. Gah.

Ok, I will bargain with myself. I must MUST blast through Reading Assignment #2, week 1, right away and without stopping. Then I can take a break and gird my loins a bit before throwing myself in to anything as anxiety-producing as Essay 1 or, god help me, my work email inbox. Ok, "gird my loins" sounds a bit obscene; not what I was going for. Nerve myself up? Stiffen my upper lip? Sheesh, they're all pretty terrible. Well, whichever it is, I must go suffer through a pack of assignments! Go Go Go Go Goooooooo!

I'll be back with my updates. Expect plenty of boring blogging in the near future. Nothing so exciting as loin-girding. ;)

OK, Update: I have completed Assignment #2, #3, and half of #4 and I promise to finish #4 and upload them all tonight. I have also responded to all the festering emails in the inbox and emailed all the students who have some missing assignments, so that is ahead of my to do list minimum. Tomorrow I will do a session of yoga and then grade all the Essay 1s. Or maybe I will squeeze in a session on the article draft first? It has been ages since I really grappled with it. Hmm.


Belle said...

Given the number and originality of the academic bloggers, why haven't we come up with our own metaphors for the grading ordeal?

Back in the saddle. Gird loins. Nose to grindstone. Nothing seems to fit, or to evoke the dread and longing to procrastinate involved.

Tree of Knowledge said...

My dad calls it gradetory.