Monday, May 25, 2015


We have a varmint problem at the apartment complex, which the management has handled in a particularly stupid and frustrating way. Instead of posting a notice on all of our doors, or newsletter, or otherwise telling us what they were doing, they decided to simply take away access to the dumpsters and make it so we could only get in there one day a week, at certain times. There are bars on everything. Then, when people started dumping trash in the blue recycling bin, the manager came out and yelled at people and told them we didn't deserve recycling access because we were bad and too stupid to use it. Then she took recycling away completely. THEN she finally posted a notice out where the dumpsters used to be explaining the situation, and reiterated the "you don't deserve this" phrase. I was pretty pissed about this because, I AM smart enough to separate recycling, and also I'm pretty sure this is breaking state law. Also their method of dealing with the nuisance seems over-the-top in a way that is not helpful.

Still, this is not at all helpful for me while I am cleaning out my office and getting ready to move. I hate the thought of just throwing my recycling in the trash after I went to all the trouble of separating it, and the local for-cash center only does cans and glass. I have bags and bags of cardboard and plastic and cat food cans piling up and they are starting to make the place look dirty and stressful. There are even some bags in my trunk. But what do I do about it? I am half seriously thinking of doing a drive-by dumping into the neighboring retirement center, where they have the big blue roll cans sitting temptingly out by the wheelchair spot every day. Either that or I am going to call one of my former colleagues with the weirdest favor request ever.

How could they do this to me? Think of the Californians! Every time you recycle, a hipster gets his wings. And then they fly away. That's a win-win for the environment.

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Contingent Cassandra said...

There must be something going around (way around, given what I'm pretty sure are our significantly disparate locations). I received a letter from the management of my building this week that, along with haranguing residents about leaving trash that doesn't fit in the chute in the trash rooms (rather than taking it down to the dumpster) -- a real problem -- threatened a $500 fine for leaving newspapers in the recycling bins in the trash rooms. I'm pretty sure the point is that we're supposed to take them directly down to the bigger recycling bins near the dumpsters (some of which do say "paper"), but it was so badly written that I'm pretty sure that, if taken literally, it requires us to put newspapers down the trash chute. Aargh.

And yes, such restrictions are not conducive to end-of-semester clearing-out of any kind, let along moving-clearing-out.